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Imaging, scanning and photogrammetry projects come to life in this powerful PC software.

Topcon ImageMaster software has revolutionized capturing images in the field, whether used with an off-the-shelf digital camera, or in conjunction with the world's first imaging total stations GPT-7000i, or the world's only long range reflectorless, imaging, scanning and robotic total station.

Four Editions of ImageMaster Software:

Topcon ImageMaster IS Edition:

This edition compliments the Topcon Imaging Station (IS). The functionality includes WLAN control of to the IS. Measurements can be taken as individual points or grid scan areas defined by user resolution. The advantage to this edition is having a Live Video feed over WLAN to the IS. Controlling the IS with a large color screen from a PC or laptop is revolutionary. An entire survey can be completed from the comfort of your vehicle or remotely via internet connection.

The IS edition can collect points and point cloud points from the IS and prepare TINs with photo texturing. Points and surfaces can be used to measure distances and be exported to the Standard edition or DXF format for further analysis.

Topcon ImageMaster LITE Edition:

This edition imports and processes Field Orientation files from the GPT-7000i series total station. Projects collected with easy mode can be processed in this powerful combination of surfacing and photogrammetry. The advanced functions of Topcon's Photogrammetry solution is only available in the PRO edition.

Topcon Field Orientation Software

Topcon GPT-7000i imaging total station with Topcon Field Orientation software makes better models, faster. Topcon's on-board Field Orientation software for your GPT-7000i can incorporate field measurements in the powerful Topcon ImageMaster software package. Use precise measurements of the total station with photographs to create the fastest, most accurate 3D model possible. This combination is perfect for complex objects that require multiple shots. Topcon Field Orientation software helps the user to position the camera in the optimal location. Then combine all points and camera images into Topcon ImageMaster, and the control points automatically align! ImageMaster PRO is required for Field Orientation standard mode files. Easy mode files can be processed with ImageMaster LITE.

Topcon ImageMaster Standard Edition:

This edition offers full functionality of surveying tools such as polyline creation, contouring, cross sections, TIN generation and editing. Additional functions such as area and volume calculations, ortho-image, and field scan file processing make this module a powerful addition to an Imaging Station system. The only functionality not included in thie edition is that of stereo pair photogrammetry.

Topcon ImageMaster PRO Edition:

Standard Camera Support

Use a digital camera to produce 3D models using the principles of photogrammetry. All you need are two pictures taken from two locations that overlap on the area you want to measure. There’s no need to use a fixed base, or other set up conditions, for most applications.

Fast Image Adjustment with GPT-7000i Orientation File

ImageMaster PRO software combines an easy to use interface and advanced mathematical processing, to allow for quick and accurate modeling. Accurate 3D models are produced in the shortest time possible, with minimum preparation or special knowledge.

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